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A typical private seller client considering a non-distressed auction event has questions regarding the process including the pros and cons of the handful of firms competing for your or your and your client's business. 


Most often:

  • You or your client likely is not financially distressed and may even have little or no mortgage.
  • You or your client probably does not have to sell but would like to due to downsizing, retiring, moving, asset allocating, wanting to be closer to family or health issues.
  • Your or your client's property may have been listed for an extended period of time with a series of price reductions.  There may have been few, if any,  property tours  or legitimate offers that likely included contingencies.
  • You look to me and my team for expert advice regarding the next step. 


Questions for all luxury real estate auction companies

There are several important questions someone like you considering an auction event should have answered by any firm prior to meeting in person.  When we have a dialogue, I will share all of those with you.  For now, this is the single most important question, in my opinion, in this day and age that should be answered honestly:

Are your auctions advertised as "absolute" or "selling without reserve" truly such or do you cancel the auction if the bid is not high enough or there is not enough response and then spin the true results? For more color on this very important topic, please click here. Also- not only did something sell but did it close?   

If one is not able to prove (by contacting multi-references) that past auctions were legitimate "absolutes" or "selling without reserve" that actually closed, consider it a big red flag.




                                     Why you or your client should consider the non-distressed auction method:


Create separation from other competing, comparable properties crowding your marketplace.

Force affluent, end-user buyers to react on your terms via a date-certain event.

Sell in a cash, contingency-free manner with a 30 day closing allowing you to move on with your life.



We have been involved in multi-millions of dollars worth of these type of transactions and have the experience and knowledge to work with you regarding your future auction.

Allow us to show you how to experience an accelerated marketing campaign allowing you, not buyers, to take control of the sales process.

We now have access to cutting-edge drone services for high-definition aerial video and photography.  Click here for a sample video.



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